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Retirement Planning for Women

While women and men share similar financial concerns, women face a unique set of financial challenges all their own.

  • Women live longer than men: While this may not seem like a challenge, it becomes one since “women live longer” equates to the need for more money as support in later years. Conversely, often times, because women leave the work force to care for children or elderly family, they tend to save less.
  • Lower Social Security Benefits: Oftentimes, due to a combination of lower wages than men overall and time taken off work to raise children, today’s retired women qualify for lower Social Security retirement benefits.
  • More responsibility with aging parents: Many women take the leadership in the care of aging parents to the detriment of their own futures.
  • Women are more likely to live alone: Women are more likely than men to live alone in their older years which leaves them with a greater responsibility to pay for their own care. This would include spending savings for extra home care or nursing home care.

Barbara Sullins, ConfidentVision’s co-founder and expert in retirement planning for women for two decades, spends much of her time hosting women-only workshops which focus on educating Dallas’ females how “not” to get caught unprepared in today’s economic climate. 

Barb feels that women are underserved in the financial planning marketplace and believes that through education and awareness, women can take charge of their lives and plan for long-term security.

Contact Barb at bsullins@confidentvision for a personal conversation about your particular situation.